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Randall has also acquired several years' experience writing web content. Randall lives and works in Austin, TX. Skip to main content. Current Document Line Spacing 1. Open the document in Word for Mac, and select all text you would like to format to single space. Current Document Paragraph Spacing 1. Open the document in Word for Mac, and then select the paragraphs to format.

Set Defaults in Template 1. Warning Information provided in this article applies to Microsoft Word for Mac Is an implied suggestion above that I should create a different template and use it for the files I send, thus avoiding overruling by recipients' Normal template?

Word: Change Default Line Spacing

I have one problem. Font style ,sizes everything gets changed. Can you help me? I'm using Office for Mac Today, I started up my computer to work on a Word document. The text is still there, but misaligned. Never had this happen before but could use some help. Thank you. No worries, Diana. Thanks for your comments.

I totally agree :. It seems that most annoyances are not solvable using the existing tools in Word.

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It's only the gifted VBA users who are capable of building macros that skate around some of the many Word blunders. Thank goodness those users are willing to share their knowledge!! I think Microsoft's day of reckoning is coming, and it can't happen soon enough for me. I will look into Scrivener.

how to set line spacing to default in word for mac 2011?

To Tim, writing above - try Scrivener. That is what pro writers use. I agree with all your critiques, Word really sucks as a writing program. It overthinks and second guesses the writer constantly and then it can be very difficult - without the "reveal codes" feature of much-missed Wordperfect - to figure out how to stop the frikkin thing from changing stuff you don't want changed and adding dumb formatting stuff, constantly. NO, Word, just because I started numbering things doesn't mean I want to suddenly change my indents and line spacing! Yes, Word, I really did mean to capitalize two letters in a row, NO, word I don't want the date changed to today.

I hate that there is no way to keep the current line of text in the center of your field of vision rather than scrolling it down to the bottom and then just leaving it there. I hate that their own search function is incapable of finding tabs and menus example, try searching the Help menu for Document Elements, it's like it doesn't exist. So dumb.

I hate the Header thing where there are other commands in different menus that overrirde your choices so you can spend ages trying to get different headers in sections, even though you followed the instructions exactly. There are too many horrible things about Word to list here. We should all switch to Scrivener which is now for PC too. Tim, I still think Word is only a good program with which to replace the typewriter.

When Microsoft created the program, I wonder if they knew that professional writers would use the program to earn a living some day.

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Somehow I doubt it. On a professional level the program needs to be scrapped and rebuilt from the very first line of code. The only users I receive documents from who actually use styles, are fellow technical writers and my students.

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Word text styles are pretty slick. The bullet and numbered styles are so poorly designed, you often spend a lot of time getting them to work consistently. It seems the basic architecture for indents involves a convoluted process that is full of little trap doors.

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When you must share documents, your whole Word world comes crashing down. I wish someone would design a reliable word processor that quickly shoves Microsoft off the map. As long as so many people just use the program as a typewriter substitute direct formatting , Microsoft will never be forced into fixing the bugs in what is otherwise, a pretty good program.

I think my issue is similar. I want my styles for comment balloons to remain the same from document to document. Mind you, these docs are from students and they are all different. Each new doc has settings for the comment balloons. Each time, I have to go in and change them. Is there a way to ensure that my comment balloon style always override what's in another's doc?

Paragraph Spacing Word 2011 Mac

I hope you're still doing this I'm a translator using Word and frequently paste text from one document to another, all in Word. When pasting the font frequently changes and has to be redone. I've reset all the "paste options" and the default style for normal. Is there a way to set Word to always use one font in my case, Times New Roman, 12 pt.

I have a. These are Hearts, Spade, Diamonds and Clubs signs. When I open the document it changes those symbol signs to some another unknown but in Arial fonts. It counts the of pages on the left bottom and reaches to end say mins later. Also the default language of the document changes although I fixed it to English US. Do you have some suggestions for it?

Thanks in advance. I have I have a template called SOW.

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I open a file, go to the style menu, select Manage Styles. I select them all they are the same because I've not done this 50 times , and select to copy them all. I accept the "overwrite styles? It update the styles in my document. I save it. Next time I go back into it, it reverts, again, to the bad styles. I'm getting super irritated with this crap tool. Does anyone have any idea how to prevent this?